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Aldnoah.ZERO RP log

An RP that was supposed to be kinky as hell but turned out... well... a lot milder than I expected. There's yandere though. And spanking. And that's about it.

Slaine Troyard - KataphraktAnna
Kaizuka Inaho - yours truly

Inaho enters the room, which is rather dark with curtains drawn tight and a large bed dominating most of the space, a small bedside table beside it and a chair in a corner. 
Inaho punched the code to lock the door 
Slaine Troyard bangs at the door 
Inaho looks calmly at the other occupant 
Inaho: Don't hurt yourself, bat. 
Inaho puts a hand in the way so that Slaine's fist hits it instead of the hard metal 
Slaine Troyard: kaizuka get out of the way . What are you trying to do? 
Slaine Troyard pushes Inaho away and looks at the passcode machine trying to decipher 
Inaho sneaks between Slaine and the passcode machine and takes his hands to examine 
Inaho: Keep you safe, what else? 
Slaine Troyard: why would you of ALL people want to keep me safe. Let me out ! 
Inaho looks Slaine in the eyes 
Inaho: You're fascinating. 
Inaho: Why would I want to give you away? 
Slaine Troyard: Alright who hit your head. 
Inaho thinks for a moment 
Inaho: No one recently. As far as I can remember. Now, come back here. 
Inaho steers Slaine towards the bed 
Slaine Troyard: Orange what in the world happened to you. 
Slaine Troyard tries pushing Inaho away 
Inaho: Nothing. Nothing at all. Now, would you sit quietly? I have something for you. 
Inaho lets himself be pushed away and then goes back to the door to retrieve the bag he dropped earlier 
Slaine Troyard starts to sense something is extremely wrong and desperately looks for an exit 
Inaho throws the bag at Slaine, there's a pair of tight leather trousers in it and nothing else 
Inaho: Change out of that uniform. 
Slaine Troyard catches it and looks inside a bit confused 
Slaine Troyard: what but why? 
Inaho waits a bit, looking Slaine over from head to toe 
Slaine Troyard edges away from Inaho and gets cornered on the bed 
Inaho: That uniform stinks of others. 
Inaho: [And you belonging to them.] 
Slaine Troyard: If you think I'm just going to follow what you say you really are delusional.... 
Slaine Troyard: No 
Inaho raises a brow 
Inaho: Would you like me to do it for you then? 
Slaine Troyard protectively hugs himself 
Slaine Troyard: Fine ! but don't you dare look when I'm changing...you creep 
Inaho: I wouldn't mind... 
Inaho takes a step closer 
Inaho: But okay. 
Inaho turns away, looking at the reflection in the metal door instead 
Slaine Troyard begins to slowly take off his clothes so he could stall for time 
Slaine Troyard: [There has to be a way out... ] 
Slaine Troyard: [What could the passcode be. hmm I have a hunch but I wonder if I'll be able to get close enough....] 
Slaine Troyard: [maybe I should play along....] 
Inaho watches as the hated clothes are pulled off Slaine 
Slaine Troyard takes off all his clothes except his underwear and his white top and slips into the ....extremely tight leather pants 
Inaho: [Now Vers won't have him, no one else will...] 
Inaho narrows his eyes 
Inaho: Are you done? 
Slaine Troyard: Yes 
Inaho turns around and raises a brow, eyes raking all over Slaine 
Inaho: I want all of your old clothes off. 
Slaine Troyard folds his arms and looks at Inaho disapprovingly 
Slaine Troyard: what game are you playing ? This isn't funny 
Inaho: I didn't intend it to be. Now, off. 
Inaho stalks closer to pull at the edge of the white top 
Slaine Troyard: [perhaps playing along would be best...] 
Slaine Troyard wraps himself up in the bedsheets like a burrito 
Slaine Troyard: let me see you try 
Slaine Troyard smirks 
Inaho stops, confused, then furrows his brows 
Inaho: Are you that attached to your old life? 
Slaine Troyard: I have a new life now? 
Inaho stops to think and realises he didn't tell Slaine anything 
Inaho: I thought it would be obvious, but yes, you do now. Here. With me. 
Slaine Troyard: hmmm I was not given any notification in advance nor do i remember saying yes to this 
Inaho: But you will, you have no choice. 
Slaine Troyard: who says I don't 
Slaine Troyard raises an eyebrow keeping up his facade 
Slaine Troyard: [I doubt I'll be able to keep this up for long... Where are they? Or is the war lost already. Where in the world is this?] 
Inaho: Well, maybe you do now but... Would you like me to leave you no choice? I can destroy your old world so that you don't have to choose anymore. 
Slaine Troyard: Don't you dare touch her 
Inaho growls inwardly 
Inaho: Oh, I think I should now. I don't have anything against her personally, but I can't have you thinking of her, now can I? 
Slaine Troyard: If you do that. I'll never even try to like you you psycho 
Inaho: And you would otherwise? Now that is interesting... 
Inaho gives a small smirk 
Slaine Troyard: What is with that smirk 
Slaine Troyard: [I can't remain in this blanket for long.....come on think.] 
Slaine Troyard: Kaizuka stop this please. This is not you. 
Inaho: How do you know it's not me? 
Slaine Troyard: The kaizuka I know would try to kill me....not t-this 
Inaho frowns 
Inaho: I've never tried to kill you, just to shoot you down to get you here. 
Slaine Troyard glares at him 
Slaine Troyard: You're the worst 
Inaho feels a pang at that 
Inaho: Am I now? 
Inaho pounces to rip the blanket off 
Slaine Troyard pulls the blanket around him tighter and closes his eyes 
Inaho: *murmurs* Don't resist it, please. Just forget about everything else. 
Slaine Troyard tries rolling away but is trapped between Inaho's hands and legs 
Inaho sits astride Slaine, completely trapping his legs in the process, and starts peeling the blanket off 
Slaine Troyard: [I'll never forget them. This guy is delusional.... Princess give me strength to get through this] 
Inaho: I'll be good to you, I promise. Just forget everything else. 
Slaine Troyard growls back 
Slaine Troyard: Never 
Inaho: *growls* Then I'll have to destroy it all so that you dan't have anything to remember. 
Inaho gives a back-handed slap to Slaine 
Slaine Troyard gasps shocked from the pain 
Slaine Troyard: You're delusional. Thinking I'll forget about them just like that 
Inaho: Then I'll have to make you forget. 
Inaho sinks to bite Slaine's neck 
Slaine Troyard shudders 
Slaine Troyard: Going to zap me with a memory ray kaizuka? Hnng 
Inaho goes on to suck at the bite mark and claw at the blanket at the same time 
Slaine Troyard 's grip on the blankets loosens as kaizuka distracts him 
Slaine Troyard shivers and lets out a whimper 
Inaho sucks harder and finally rips the blankets off, now clawing at the damned top 
Slaine Troyard tries pushing Inaho away again now that his hands are free 
Inaho lets the neck go to talk 
Inaho: Why do you cling to it so much? Or are you hiding something here? 
Inaho tugs at the top 
Slaine Troyard: No...don't ...stop kaizuka 
Inaho: 'Don't stop' you say? 
Inaho smirks and tugs the top up 
Slaine Troyard: No I said STOP! 
Slaine Troyard covers his eyes 
Inaho narrows his eyes and looks down at the skin he managed to uncover, then snarls 
Inaho: Who did this? 
Slaine Troyard: It's not for you to know 
Inaho tone getting dangerous 
Inaho: Are you covering for them? 
Slaine Troyard flinches away 
Slaine Troyard: No I-I'm not . Get away from me 
Inaho: Then give me the names so that I can rip their arms off and feed them to them in small pieces. 
Slaine Troyard: They're dead..... 
Slaine Troyard: Now get away from me 
Slaine Troyard pushes Inaho again 
Inaho resists the push, getting closer instead 
Inaho: Then I'll have to rewrite it. 
Inaho scratches one of the scars with a blunt nail 
Slaine Troyard hisses from the pain and screams 
Slaine Troyard gasps out a few words 
Slaine Troyard: You're CRAZY 
Inaho: What was that? 
Inaho leans down to lick at the scratched place 
Slaine Troyard sighs in relief and squirms a little from the ticklish sensation 
Slaine Troyard: [Stop. Please let this nightmare end ] 
Inaho moans at the feel of Slaine squirming under him. 
Inaho: One done. How many to go? 
Inaho scratches another scar 
Inaho: [Until all of them are mine...] 
Slaine Troyard hisses again this time suppressing his scream by biting down on his tongue 
Slaine Troyard: [I won't...give in] 
Inaho: I'll do all of them until there's nothing left on you of those bastards. 
Inaho leaves a trail of kisses on the new scratch 
Slaine Troyard squirms again and places his hand over his mouth to supress a moan 
Slaine Troyard: You...haah can't touch my memories kaizuka 
Inaho: Can't I? I'll just have to try harder then. 
Inaho bites down on another scar 
Slaine Troyard bites down on the back of his hand to distract himself from the pleasure 
Slaine Troyard: Mmmnng 
Inaho is surprised at the sound, eyes widening 
Inaho: *murmurs against the skin* Seems like we've found how to go about this. 
Inaho licks his way to yet another scar and bites down on it 
Slaine Troyard shudders and gasps moving his hands away from his mouth 
Slaine Troyard: [If he keeps this up.... No I-Ill get through this...somehow] 
Inaho continue biting and licking at scars until the raised top gets in the way 
Slaine Troyard moans as Inaho bites at his scars and carefully licks them, his eyes filling with lust 
Slaine Troyard: [No no I must resist] 
Slaine Troyard bites the back of his hand to keep himself in check 
Inaho lifts his head to look into Slaine's eyes, and squirms at the scene, his trousers tightening uncomfortably 
Inaho: Who are you thinking of now, Bat? 
Slaine Troyard: Not...hnng...you thats for sure 
Slaine Troyard grits his teeth 
Inaho narrows his eyes 
Inaho: Really? Then I'll have to work even harder. Lift up. 
Inaho tugs the top to get it off completely 
Slaine Troyard: do it yourself hmph 
Inaho: With pleasure. 
Inaho lifts Slaine's shoulders off the bed, just enough to get the fabric from under them, and then tugs until the top tangles around Slaine's arms 
Slaine Troyard folds his arms 
Inaho tries to lift the arms 
Slaine Troyard smirks 
Inaho: Alright, leave it there if you want. 
Inaho tugs until the top covers Slaine's face 
Slaine Troyard finds the lack of air uncomfortable and unfolds his arms to try to pull his shirt down for air 
Inaho yanks the shirt up until it's around Slaine's wrists, then makes a quick knot and tugs sharply to tighten it 
Slaine Troyard: damn it... 
Inaho: Nowhere to go now, hmm? 
Inaho smirks and licks one of the knuckles 
Slaine Troyard tries to move his hands away from Inaho but fails 
Inaho: Now where did we stop? 
Inaho gives a small kiss to the knuckle 
Inaho: Do you have more of those on your back? 
Inaho nods at the scars 
Slaine Troyard: n-no 
Inaho narrows eyes 
Slaine Troyard shivers at the thought of what Inaho would do and does his best to lie 
Inaho: Are you sure? 
Inaho: I'll have to punish you if you lied. 
Slaine Troyard: yes 
Inaho: Then you won't mind if I check? 
Slaine Troyard gulps 
Slaine Troyard: Stop you've done enough let me go you psycho 
Inaho narrows eyes suspiciously 
Inaho: You're lying, aren't you? 
Inaho lifts himself off a bit to try and turn Slaine around 
Slaine Troyard: why should I tell the truth to you ? 
Slaine Troyard hisses at kaizuka 
Inaho: Why shouldn't you? I'm the one who's keeping you safe here. 
Slaine Troyard: safe? you call this safe? 
Inaho: There's no one shooting at you or endangering your life in any other way, and if anyone tries, I'll destroy them. Now, if you will... 
Inaho lifts off completely and shoves so that Slaine would roll onto his stomach
Slaine Troyard moves his head to the side and speaks 
Slaine Troyard: So you are saying only you can hurt me? 
Slaine Troyard narrows his eyes 
Slaine Troyard: Or kill me even 
Inaho frowns 
Inaho: I don't want to hurt you. You're leaving me no other choice. 
Slaine Troyard: I doubt I can change your mind now can I? 
Inaho: About keeping you safe? No, you can't. And you did lie to me, so I'll have to punish you, but you can make it lighter if you tell me who did this and where they're buried. If you didn't lie about that, too. 
Slaine Troyard: I do not know where he is buried kaizuka 
Inaho: Too bad. Then I'll just have to go as planned. Stay here. 
Slaine Troyard mumbles 
Slaine Troyard: not like I can go anywhere.. 
Inaho puts a knee on Slaine's back and leans over to open one of the bedside table drawers 
Slaine Troyard cranes his neck to see what kaizuka is doing 
Inaho digs a pink paddle out of the drawer and shows it to Slaine with a smirk 
Inaho: Do you know what this is? 
Slaine Troyard: I have not been on earth for a while so no I do not know what that hideously coloured thing is 
Inaho turns the paddle over looking at it 
Inaho: This colour was on discount. 
Inaho: Well then, you'll have to find out. 
Inaho crawls down to kneel beside Slaine 
Inaho: It goes... here. 
Inaho taps Slaine's bottom lightly with the paddle 
Inaho: But we'll have to remove these first. 
Slaine Troyard 's eyes widen 
Inaho puts the paddle on the bed nearby and sneaks a hand under Slaine's belly to unfasten the trousers 
Slaine Troyard starts struggling against Inaho and squirms trying his best to roll away 
Inaho puts an elbow on his back putting his weight on it and tries to peel the trousers off with the other hand 
Slaine Troyard: [damn it he's too heavy...I can't even push him off] 
Inaho sighs at the awkward position and moves to straddle Slaine's back, facing his legs 
Inaho watches the leather-covered bottom, licking his lips 
Slaine Troyard: [what in the world is he doing ....I can't see] 
Inaho: You're... 
Slaine Troyard moves his butt up trying to get Inaho off 
Inaho moves one of the hands on reflex to stroke the bum 
Slaine Troyard: [oh...] 
Slaine Troyard shivers and gives up trying to get him off for the moment 
Inaho feels the smooth warm leather under his hand, the muscle underneath... 
Inaho: [I'm going to... oh... I was] 
Inaho: ...going to... 
Inaho tears the hand away 
Inaho then moves both hands to push the trousers down 
Slaine Troyard feels the extremely tight pants coming off and is glad he still had his underwear on 
Inaho glares at the underwear, then moves it down, too 
Inaho: [Why couldn't he just remove it from the start? Looked awful with the additional lines.] 
Slaine Troyard shoves his face into the pillow embarrassed knowing he was completely exposed now 
Inaho strokes the exposed backside a few times before picking up the paddle 
Inaho: Are you ready? 
Slaine Troyard: mumbles* no 
Inaho smirks 
Inaho: Too bad. 
Inaho swings the paddle experimentally before landing it on Slaine's bottom 
Slaine Troyard hisses into the pillow from the pain 
Inaho: Are you going to lie to me again?
Slaine Troyard: perhaps 
Inaho: You're not making it any easier on yourself, are you? 
Inaho swishes the paddle through the air and then gives a few quick hits 
Slaine Troyard: [I've gone through worse.. this is nothing this is nothing ] 
Slaine Troyard: aaarrgh! damn you 
Inaho: Wrong answer, Bat. 
Inaho gives a particularly strong hit, then watches as the skin turns pink 
Slaine Troyard kicks his legs onto the bed and bites into the pillow to stifle his scream 
Inaho: I'm going to ask again. Are you going to lie to me again? 
Slaine Troyard: I wasn't lying in the first place stupid 
Inaho: You said there were no scars on your back, and it's worse than the front. 
Slaine Troyard: that was my own business! ever heard of personal space? 
Inaho: You could have said so. And now I have to punish you instead. 
Inaho slides the paddle along the butt before hitting it again 
Slaine Troyard grumbles into the pillow 
Inaho: How many more would we need? Hmm? 
Slaine Troyard flinches and screams into the pillow 
Inaho strokes the reddened skin absentmindedly with his free hand 
Slaine Troyard: would you stop that? 
Inaho: Stop what? 
Inaho notices his hand fondling Slaine's butt and stops 
Slaine Troyard: [ how did it come to this....] 
Inaho: So. Do you promise to be honest from now on? Or do we have to continue? 
Slaine Troyard: Fine fine ugh I'll be honest 
Inaho: Really? And will you forget about everything else? 
Slaine Troyard: I can't....guarantee that kaizuka 
Inaho: At least you're honest. 
Inaho gives a small smile 
Inaho: Well then, I'll have to work to make you forget. 
Inaho trails a finger on the reddened bum before climbing off Slaine to settle beside him 
Slaine Troyard rolls over so his chest is facing up, takes a deep breath and sighs 
Inaho watches Slaine's chest rise and fall 
Inaho: You're still staying here. You know that, right? 
Slaine Troyard closes his eyes 
Slaine Troyard: [hmm since he is this obsessed with me...hmm maybe its something I know] 
Slaine Troyard: hmm yes 
Slaine Troyard: [my hands are tied however.....] 
Inaho: Good. No one else can touch you here. You can tell me who's ever done anything to you, and I'll find and kill them. 
Slaine Troyard: how about you kill yourself? 
Inaho reaches a hand to brush Slaine's hair out of his face 
Inaho: I can't do that, sorry. Who will protect you then? 
Slaine Troyard: prove to me you deserve to live then 
Inaho: Then you'll let me protect you? How can I do that? 
Inaho pushes himself up, face eager 
Slaine Troyard: First of all, ask me permission before doing something to me 
Inaho nods 
Inaho: Anything else? 
Slaine Troyard: Secondly, I'd like some outside contact with the world. I'll go insane if you keep me here. You'll be destroying me mentally and that is definitely not protecting me 
Inaho frowns 
Inaho: But... the outside world wants you dead. I'll... have to find a safe way to do it. 
Slaine Troyard: Finally, can you please untie my hands damn it 
Inaho: Oh, yes, well... 
Inaho unties Slaine's hands 
Inaho: [not that he can do anything anyway] 
Slaine Troyard grabs his shirt and wears it 
Slaine Troyard frowns and rubs his behind 
Slaine Troyard: water 
Inaho: Are you thirsty? Or do you want to wash yourself? 
Slaine Troyard: Both 
Inaho: Then the bathroom is over there. 
Inaho points in the direction of a door 
Inaho: May I help you there? 
Slaine Troyard: No. I need some space 
Inaho: If you wish. Go have a shower, and I'll bring you something to drink. 
Slaine Troyard walks into the bathroom, shuts the door and slides down to the floor 
Inaho goes to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water and a plate of cookies while he's at it 
Slaine Troyard: [ Finally...he let up. I don't know how I can go like this for longer ] 
Slaine Troyard turns the tap and takes off his shirt stepping into the shower soon after 
Inaho: [He's starting to trust me, finally. I'll make you trust me, Bat. I'll make you depend on me. Only me.] 
Inaho returns to the room and sets the glass and the plate on the bedside table 
Slaine Troyard places his hands on his face 
Slaine Troyard: [why am I crying....] 
Inaho listens to the sound of the shower running 
Slaine Troyard lets out a tired sigh 
Inaho: [I want to see him there, under the shower head, wet and bare. But I can't. Not now. Maybe when he trusts me a bit more...] 
Inaho fiddles with his hands and sits down on the bed 
Slaine Troyard scrubs himself clean with soap and washes it off stepping out of the shower and wrapping himself in a towel 
Slaine Troyard opens the door slightly so only his face can be seen 
Slaine Troyard: Do you have spare clothes? 
Inaho turns to the voice and blinks at Slaine peeking out of the bathroom 
Inaho: Is something wrong with the leather trousers? 
Slaine Troyard turns red 
Slaine Troyard: They're a bit too.... tight 
Inaho: Oh. You look good in them though. Wait a bit. 
Inaho darts out of the room, not bothering to cover the code he was punching in, then comes back with jeans and a blue shirt 
Slaine Troyard notices Inaho coming back with things pretty fast 
Slaine Troyard: [so this room is in a house ....] 
Inaho: Here. 
Inaho hands the clothes over 

...and it's unfinished because our Slaine has a curfew. Alas.
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