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Just thought I'd write some weird stuff...

Title: Out of Dreams
Fandom: Harry Potter/Gundam Wing crossover
Pairings: Severus Snape x 5, mention of 13x5, 3x4, 6x1
Rating: PG-13 yet
Summary: What if there was a way to meet someone from the other world in your dreams?
Warnings (or is it A/N?): minor HP and GW spoilers, Treize is dead (of course) and so on... BTW, I didn't have a chance to watch Endless Waltz (I didn't even finish watching the series yet!), so I don't know many things about the GW universe... Also EXTREME weirdness caused by japanese language exam, major lack of sleep, nervousness about going to Saint Petersburg to meet my darling Q in near future, and lots of painkillers.

~AC 198~

This was getting strange. The dreams were getting really strange after the Gundams were destroyed, and it worried Wufei a lot. No doubt, all the pilots were somehow connected to the giant mechas, Quatre suffered the most because of his empathy, but the others were also effected. On the other hand, Q had Trowa to take care of the little blond when he was in pain, so maybe it wasn't that hard on him... Wufei didn't want to admit it even to himself but he was a little envious of the two young men and their love.

But that was the other story. What worried Wufei at the moment was constant presence in his dreams. Something dark and... He didn't have the right words for it. It was like... someone was there with him. Sometimes he could see a dark figure floating by but it was gone far too quickly. Sometimes he could hear a voice cursing or calling someone but it, too, was gone before he could search for the sourse.

Wu shook his head. There it was again, a figure of a tall man in unrecognizable clothing. The chinese boy reached his hand as if to touch the stranger, but he was gone before the fifth pilot could blink.


Severus cursed and got out of his bed. He really, REALLY regretted tampering with sleeping potions but it was the only way to get the Dark Lord out of his head and, most importantly, his arm while he rested. The potent ingredients sent his mind too far away and out of the madman's reach but, unfortunately, he ended in some strange place that, he suspected, was someone's mind. A few times he spotted an asian youth in traditional chinese white silk clothes, and he got away not to disturb the boy. Once the boy called for him, mistaking him for 'Nataku', and Severus decided to keep himself out of the boy's line of view.

But one day it changed...

Severus was just too tired. He wondered aimlessly through the boy's mind untill he bumped into it's owner seated on a field of flowers, a book in his lap.

"I used to spend a lot of time here," said the boy evenly glancing at the horison.

Severus sat beside him.

Time passed slowly, the boy stayed silent, the book still closed in his lap.

"Who's Nataku?" asked Severus eventually.

"Meiran, my wife," the boy answered without any expression.


"She's dead," the boy continued still not looking at his 'guest'. "She died right here," he gestured around himself "in my arms. I didn't love her, you know," the boy finally glanced at the Potions Master "it was an arranged marriage."

Severus stayed silent for once not knowing what to say.

"What's your name?" the boy asked.

"Snape. Severus," he corrected himself. It was strangely unpleasant to be called by his surname in dreams.

"Severus..." the boy tested the name. "I'm Wufei," he smiled.


"Winner," Wufei glared at the little blond "can I have a word with you?"

"Sure!" Quatre looked cheerfully at his friend.

"Alone," the chinese boy added, shifting uncomfortly from one leg to another.

"Oh, drop it, Wu-man! I want to know it too!"

It seemed Wufei had picked Duo's interest... Oh, well...

"Call me this one more time and you're dead, Maxwell," the chinese pilot warned.

"Sure, sure," Duo waved his hand at the furious boy. "So, spill it!"

Wufei sighed. Was there any way to get rid of this irritating hyperactive braided nightmare? He turned to Quatre instead.

"Is it possible to have some kind of... I mean, can dreams sometimes be... well, real?"

"I don't understand a word of it," the fourth pilot shook his head.

"Oh, I've got it!" Duo beamed. "Fei-Fei finally went off his head! Ne?"

The mentioned boy glared at the braided pilot and then continued.

"I mean... there's a... man... in my dreams. And he seems far too real to be a plot of my imagination."

"I don't know," Quatre admitted. "It is theoretically possible, but..." the blond shook his head. "Why do you think he's real?"

"He feels alien in there. And different somehow."

"I don't know," the blond repeated. "Anyway, it's for you to decide."


"Severus," Wufei aknowledged.

Snape was sitting on the field of flowers looking at the clear sky with occasional clouds.

"I wish I could never wake up," the Poitons Master said.

Wufei rised an eyebrow and sat beside the tall man.


"Hmm?" Severus glanced at the boy.

"Why?" the chinese youth asked again, realizing only then that he asked in Japanese.

"Because... I'm tired. I'm a spy, you know," Severus smiled bitterly.

Wufei stayed silent encouraging the man to continue.

"I made a mistake when I was young and followed a madman drown by his sweet words and promises. Then I realized I was wrong and went to sell my soul to another madman. They are very much alike," Severus sighed. "The only difference is the first one is 'dark' and the other is 'light'."

Wufei shook his head remembering Mariemaia.

"I followed the wrong person once, too," he said. "She had her point, actually... But I doubt it was because of her views."

Severus glanced at the boy again and rised an eyebrow.

"She is..." Wufei gulped. It was still hard. "She's Treize's daughter."

Severus looked puzzled and Wufei explained.

"I loved Treize. Still do, actually. He was our enemy in the first war, but I loved and respected him nonetheless. And at some point... we became lovers. Then I had to kill him."

The both fell silent for a long moment.

"You're real," Wufei stated finally.

Severus nodded.

"Why did you come here?"

Severus didn't answer right away, and Wufei sighed.

"The Dark Lord is after me," the Potions Master said finally. "He suspects I'm not loyal anymore and tries to confirm it by getting the information directly out of my head. I can easily resist it when awake, but it's hard to control one's mind in sleep, so I had to get it as far away as I could to keep the bastard away. It wasn't my intention to intrude your dreams."

It was somehow comforting to talk to the boy. Severus felt they had a lot in common, and Wufei could understand him even if the young man looked not older than his NEWTs students. He would look even younger for his height (or lack of to be correct), but his eyes and facial expressions told another story.


"Potter... unacceptable," Snape sneered. "Malfoy... outstanding. Granger... outstanding," the Potions Master almost spitted with a grimace. "Oh, and Potter... What is there so interesting that you risked reading in my classroom?" Severus smirked cruelly. "Twenty points from Gryffindor and leave this... thing on my desk."

"Yes, professor," Harry answered with a hateful glare.

"And ten more points for glaring at a teacher."


It was a free period and Severus, for once, had absolutely nothing to do when his eyes caught the book that insolent Potter brat was reading in his class. It was a simple muggle comic book. What could be there so interesting that the 'little hero' could risk getting caught in the most feared professor's classroom? Severus opened the book and had to blink several times when he saw a familiar name. He opened the correct page and started reading.

'After Colony 194, Colony A0206. The heirs of the Dragon Clan are required to marry at the age of fourteen. The marriage partner of Meiran, the granddaughter of Ron Shirin, the elder of the Dragon Clan, was Chang Wufei. Meiran prided herself on being the strongest of her clan, and she introduced herself as 'Nataku'...'


Wufei sat at the same spot where, Severus knew now, his wife died after protecting this same field from OZ Mobile Suits. The Potions Master just sat beside the chinese boy in silence looking far away. Neither said a word for a long time, and Severus almost jumped when the boy laid his head on the man's shoulder. It looked oddly familiar, and when the Potions Master remembered a picture from the comic book, he shuddered and looked at the boy to check if he was still alive. He was, of course, and Severus cursed himself for the sentiment.

"You're strange," Wufei observed.

"I've found a comic book... about you."

"It's called manga."


"I said, it's called manga, not 'comic book'."

"How do you know?"

"I don't. I just don't think there could be comic about me, but manga is ok. What was it about?"

"You, Meiran, OZ attack, and your vow to bring justice."

Wufei smiled sadly.

"I was young and naive at the time."

"And now you're an old man," Severus found himself joking.

"Well, comparing to you, I'm certainly not," Wufei answered with a gleam of mischief in his eyes.

Severus 'hmpf'ed but still smiled.

"Do you want to see Shenlong?" Wufei asked suddenly.

"How?" Severus asked with a rised eyebrow.

"These are my dreams, I can do whatever I want. So, do you?" he finally lifted his head from the man's shoulder and looked Severus in the eyes.

Snape shrugged.

"I thought you were calling it 'Nataku'."

"I was," it was the boy's turn to shrug. "Before the war ended."

Wufei waved his hand, and a giant mecha appeared out of thin air, shiny and unscratched. Severus was actually quite impressed but didn't show it. Granted, he trusted the boy but not THAT much.

"Do you want to try it?" Wufei looked enthusiastic about the idea.

"Maybe," Snape answered in an indifferent tone.

Wufei led him to the cockpit, and they launched.


"Hey, Wu! Wake up, man!"

Someone was shaking him.

"I said, wake UP!"

Something soft and almost feathery was tickling his nose. Oh, Duo's braid... Wufei huffed and turned away from the other pilot.

"Oookeeey, you asked for it," Duo warned before using his trump card. "Oh, Wuuu-maaan!"

Wufei jumped in the bed at once and tried to throttle the other boy, but Maxwell managed to get away just in time.

"I told you not to call me that!"

"Hai, hai. Good morning to you, too, sleeping beauty. By the way, you're late for work. And Une is already in her bitch-mode..."

Wufei growled and got out of bed.

"By the way, what did you dream about?" Wufei heared through the bathroom door.

"It's not your business."

Oh, how he hated sharing a room with anybody, let along hyperactive Duo who liked to poke his little nose into everyone's affairs.

"You seemed happy for once!"

Wufei growled.


It was peaceful and absolutely Duo-free day in the Preventer's office. Wufei was engaged in paperwork with a silent company of Trowa and Heero doing the same. Lady Une was raging elsewhere, and Sally was reading something on the sofa enjoying the silence of the three young men who didn't say a single word for almost four hours.


Oh, speak of the devil... Duo rushed into the room, Quatre right behind him.

"Hey, what are you reading, Sal?"

"You can have it if you want," the woman answered. "I'm finished."

"Sankyuu!" Duo took the book, hopped onto the sofa and was immidiately absorbed in reading.

Wufei sighed in relief. But his fortune was shortlived...

"We've brought you lunch!" Quatre said cheerfully. "Here you go," he put one lunch-box in front of Wufei and another one in front of Heero. "Come on, open it!"

Wufei looked at the offering sceptically then opened it. Heero followed suit.

"What about me?" Trowa asked somewhat offended.

"And for you," Quatre sat on his boyfriend's desk, "I have something special."

The little blond put a large lunch-box on the desk, opened it and proceeded to mouth-feed his green-eyed lover.

Duo watched this display openmouthed, Sally left at some point, Wufei just shook his head, and Heero ignored everyone. All in all, it was a normal day for the ex-gundam pilots.


Wufei sighed happily. Duo was absorbed in reading all evening, and the chinese pilot was free from his overcheerful yelling.

"Oh, that Snape is a right bastard," Duo closed the book.

Wufei froze.

"What did you say?"

"I said, that Snape was a right bastard. I bet, he's the main villian. Did you read it?"

"No. Not yet. Give it here," Wufei seized the book.

"Hey! I didn't finish!"

Wufei glared at the other boy.

"It's not fair!"

"That's my line," Wufei smirked.


"Where were you yesterday?" Severus sat on the same field.

"Sorry, I was reading. I've found a book about you."

"Was there anything interesting?"

"Quite a lot, actually. Were you really trying to kill that boy? Potter, I mean."

"No. Never," Severus answered.

Wufei sighed in relief and sat beside the Potions Master, then laid his head on the man's shoulder after a moment.

"I wonder... Who've stollen the Sorcerer's Stone then?"

"That's what it was about," the Potions Master muttered. "Noone. The boy just couldn't resist to get into trouble for nothing."

"Why do you hate him so much?"

"Because..." Severus shook his head. "Just because."

Wufei sighed.

"Potions are interesting though. You love them, right?"

"Yes, I do. Do you want to try?"

"Yes," Wufei smiled.

"What do you want to brew?"

"I don't know... The Draught of Living Death maybe?" Wufei smiled.

"I don't think so," Snape smirked. "Why don't we start with... say, burn salve?"

"Fine," Wufei shrugged.


"You're not that awful of a teacher," Wufei said.

Severus rised an eyebrow. They were once again seated on the field, Wufei's head on Severus' shoulder.

"I've read about it. You were awful to your students in that book."

"Those dunderheads deserve it."

"I don't know... They are just children. It's not fair to ask this much from them."

"Oh, for Salazar's sake..." Severus sighed. "Are you trying to teach me how to teach? I have my own methods!"

"Sorry," Wufei looked startled.

"I'm sorry, too."


It was a Saturday morning, and Severus decided it was time to go looking for a bit more information about the little chinese pilot. He dressed quickly in some muggle clothes (black, of course), flooed to the Gringotts, exchanged some money and then went to muggle London.

His first stop was the nearest bookshop. Severus entered the small building and immidiately flew out, his eyes wide as saucers. Well, it was actually not a bookshop, but a muggle esoteric goods shop.

"I don't know how they manage to bear that much of latent magic energy... It's worse than the first-years," he muttered then went down the street in search of a bookshop.

He found one not far away. Severus entered cautiously and looked around. Nothing strange. He walked through the shop and noticed a comic book stand in the faar end. Of course, he didn't find what he was looking for.

"Can I help you, sir?" a young woman in the shop's uniform was right behind him.

"Do you have... Gundam W?"

"Sorry?" she looked puzzeled.

Severus cursed inwardly remembering Wufei's words.

"Erm... Do you have... manga?"

"Sorry, sir," she shook her head. "You can go to 'Asahi', though. It's not far away, near the esoteric shop."

Severus thanked the woman and cursed again, then went back to that blasted shop.

'Asahi' was nestled near the damned esoteric shop, decorated with tasteless posters of various half-naked girls and giant mechas.

"Can I help you?-nyan!" a strange girl with cat-ears on her head and VERY short maid-style dress with an apron materializes near Severus.

"Erm..." he tried to fight off the blush. "Do you have manga?"

"But, of course!-nyan! What do you want?-nyan! Spokon?-nyan! Cyberpunk?-nyan! Hentai?-nyan! Mahou shoujo?-nyan!" the girl chirped enthusiastically.

Severus felt the beginnings of a headache.

"Do you have Gundam W?"

"Oh, so sorry...-nyan! We've sold the last volume a few minutes ago.-nyan! But you can have..."

"No, thank you," Severus interrapted. "My... nephew has a birthday, and he asked for Gundam W specifically."

"You can have G Gundam or Gundam X then.-nyan! And we also have," she added in a conspirational tone, "the first edition of Z Gundam, right from Japan!-nyan!"

"Does it have Chang Wufei in it?" Severus asked lamely, his head aching already.

"Nope!-nyan! But you'll find that Neon Genesis Evangelion is also interesting.-nyan!"

"No, thank you," Severus said sternly with a glare.

"Oh, very well.-nyan! But you can find that Saber Marionette J..."

Severus turned to leave.

"Wait! Wait a minute! I can ask if there's Gundam W in 'Otaku no HEAVEN'," the girl said. "nyan!" she added.

She sped off to a phone, and Severus stood alone for a moment.

"Do you want Gundam model?"

Severus looked around to see a boy near one of the stands.

"So, do you? You can have a perfect hend-made Wing Zero model for just..."

"Get lost, Jim! You're scaring my clients!"

Oh, the girl was back...

"Sorry to have you waiting.-nyan! They have the full edition of Gundam W at the moment.-nyan!" the girl gave Severus a scrap of paper with an address on it.

The boy smirked and slapped the girl's ass.

"Ecchi!" the girl shrieked.

Severus was out of the shop in a blink. That was awful... Severus looked at the address and apparated to 'Otaku no HEAVEN'. It was larger than the other shop and, thankfully, there were no girls in mini-dresses and cat-ears. He scanned the titles on the nearest shelf and found what he was looking for.

"Can I have those?"

"Sure thing, sir! Oh! You're the fiftyth customer today. You can have any model you like for free."

"Shenlong," Severus said absently.

"Ryokai! Here you go."

Severus took the packages and disapparated from the nearest convenient spot.


"You were not here yesterday." Wufei was sitting on the same spot as always.

"I know. I was reading about you." Severus sat beside the boy and neither said a word for a moment.

"Treize was a manipulative bastard," Severus said after a while.

"I know." Wufei put his head on the man's shoulder and closed his eyes.

They sat like that for a long time in complete silence.

"Kiss me," Wufei asked in near-whisper, his eyes still closed.

Severus contemplated it for a moment, then leaned closer, took the boy's chin with his fingers and touched his lips with his own. Wufei sighed and flung his arms around Severus' neck, pressing closer to the man. Severus' arms were already on the boy's waist, pressing him closer still, his lips searching, exploring. Wufei smiled and broke the kiss.

"Do you want to see Altron?"


Wufei waved his hand, and Altron appeared on the field. They got to the cockpit and luanched to the sky.

"I want to fight!"

They were in the open space, and Wufei looked almost overexcited, a flush on his cheeks and a wicked grin on his lips.

"As you wish," Severus shrugged. He was actually enjoying the flight but didn't want to show it.

Several Tauruses materialized out of nowhere followed by several Virgo II mobile suits. Wufei growled with a wild gleam in his eyes and attacked, dodging the fire and crushing the unfortunate mobile suits with twin-beam trident. The battle was over too quickly.

"Not enough," he declared, and there were three dozens of Tauruses and two dozens of Virgo II. The scene was completed by a minefield around them.

Wufei manoeuvred between the flying mines and firing mobile suits and actually managed to slay every 'enemy' MS, one by one, without getting any damage. He panted slightly and turned to Severus who was an ugly shade of green...

"Oh, sorry," the chinese pilot managed, desperately trying not to laugh.

"Take me back to the ground this instant," the Potions Master growled.

Wufei complied trying to hide his smile.


"You look like a Dragon, you know."

They were again seated on the same field, a few feet away from each other (Severus didn't quite forgive Wufei for his display in the space).

"He called me his Dragon," the chinese pilot said after a moment looking at his feet.

"Sorry." Severus found himself drawing near the boy and embracing him from behind.

Wufei sighed and let his head slide to the man's chest.


Wufei sighed happily. Duo was moving out. At last. Let Heero and Milliardo (not Zechs anymore) deal with the hyperactive second pilot. The said pilot waved his goodbye to Wufei who stood near a window and walked to a parking. Duo had no common sense, really. Going to live with those two... 'lovebirds'... was almost the same as committing suicide. For Duo at least. Wufei remembered staying in the Peacecraft residense for a few days when his small one-room flat was under repair. The only problem was Milliardo's 'little sister', Relena, who visited her 'dear brother' every day to remind him that 'as an official heir of the Peacecraft family he should marry some beautiful girl like Noin' (that is let her force Heero into marrying her).

Duo, on the other hand, wouldn't let the opportunity to bait Heero about his lover's sister, and that was the only question where the first pilot couldn't stay silent (or unviolent)...

Wufei sighed again and decided to go to a library.


"What?" Severus snapped after he got tired of the chinese boy trying not to laugh and instead sniggering untill his eyes watered.

"Sorry." Wufei sniggered again.

"What is it?" Snape asked again looking quite annoyed.

"You don't want to know," Wufei answered sniggering still.

"If you don't tell me what's so funny, I'll just hex you," Severus warned.

"Erm... OK. Did they really take your pants off in front of the whole school?"

Severus sweared. Oh, he knew exactly what the chinese pilot was talking about...

"As a matter of fact, I don't think it's any of your business," he said with a scowl.

"It's a pity I wasn't there."

"And what exactly do you mean by that?"

Wufei actually blushed and earned a raised eyebrow from the Potions Master.


Severus entered the Great Hall, and immidiately all the chatter faltered. He went to the sfuff table in complete silence followed by many VERY curious stares.

"Are you all right, dear boy?"

Oh, it was Albus...

"Of course, I am," Severus answered curtly.

"If something is the matter..." the old man stopped under Severus' scowl.

"Are you quite all right?"

And now Menerva...

"Yes, I am," Severus snapped.

"Yer did somethin' ter yer hair?"

Even Hagrid... Severus threw a napkin to the table and strode out of the hall, his hair in a tight ponytail.

TBC (if anyone wants me to continue, that is ^___^)
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